Why Google Pixelbook 12in is Excellent Choice?

Give you a polite answer to this Why Google Pixelbook 12in is Excellent Choice? question is that first of all this book comes with top-level beauty from both out and inside, second, it always lives at the top in terms of personality and weight and for carrying to any properties.

After it purchasing people are not worried about it why? because it does not bother their customers for performance, beauty, lifetime use, battery life, and durability. Apart from students, many people used and like good pixel books. Which includes businessmen, Typing & Writers, Teachers, and those people that are looking for a Chromebook With a Backlit keyboard.

Why Google Pixelbook 12in is Excellent Choice

Why Google Pixelbook 12in is Excellent Choice?

Google Pixelbook 12in can also be seen in the Chromebook With Backlit keyboard list. It is not the choice of only one thinker but it is seen living in the hearts of many people. It comes with a pen for drawing on it. A major advantage of this pen is that we can quickly write anything o nit even if it is bent. We surveyed the teaching institutes and noted that it is seen mostly by students and businessmen.


Its design is very sleek and stunning on every side. Mix in this design Silicone Wrist Rests and Accents, and the body is Aluminum Unibody.


12/13.3-inch Screen with touch display and 360-degree hinge.


The processor is the mind of all devices and its mind (Processor) is Intel Quad Core, Intel Core i5,17, and m3. as well it has a fingerprint reader for high security.

RAM & Storage

It has at least 8GB of RAM, and Storage is 128 GB with Solid State Drive Storage.

Battery Life

Most people prefer long battery life devices so that they can complete their tasks for a long time without battery stress. If you also buy a long battery life device so this is also best for you because it gives you 10 hours of battery life only at one charge and it charges in only 15-mints that is very low.

Suppose you wake up early in the morning and you have to very shorts time on that occasion, your Google Pixelbook battery is red (very low) so you don’t need to worry only you should your book fix with a charge and received after 15 (fifteen) minutes you will see that your Google Pixelbook 12in battery life is full that is (amazing 😦).

Is Google Pixelbook Good For Students?

Exactly Google Pixelbook is also very suits for decent students like universities, Schools, and Colleges. Every student whether a college student, university, and school are the demand of a decent personality entity that has good look similar to students.

13-inch Full HD Display easily adjust students’ place and bag and students can easily take their device to other places like friends’ home, and daily universities.

Is Google Pixelbook Good For Gaming?

If we look at reality, Google Pixelbook 12in does not only come with low specifications and low prices, there are many such books that give very good specifications at a high price and have the power to handle much gaming. But is mostly used for other tasks and running huge software and games which reduces its Vastness.

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